Lab Director and Principal Investigator


Cindy Bergeman
Professor, Department of Psychology
University of Notre Dame

Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University

Cindy S. Bergeman, Ph.D. is a lifespan developmental psychologist with research interests in resiliency and aging, behavioral genetics, and the theory-method interface. Her research focuses on investigating patterns of variability and change in physical and psychological health across the lifespan and identifying the genetic and environmental factors that may importantly influence that process. Her current research project uses multiple lenses (yearly questionnaires, in-depth interviews and daily assessments) to identify and describe the various pathways through which converging behavioral, psychological, environmental, and social processes contribute to resilience and optimal functioning in later life. Unique to her perspective is the innovation in data assessment and analysis that facilitate more comprehensive understanding of the multidimensional and multilevel pathways that underlie the relations among stress and uplifts (e.g., in areas of work, family, friends, health, finances), resilience mechanisms (e.g., hardiness, control, social support) and health and well-being outcomes.


Graduate Students

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Professional Staff

  • Diana Garrastegui

    Diana Placzkowski (Garrastegui),
    Project Coordinator

  • Lab Staff

    Front Row: Pamela Hutchings, Mechelle Celie, April Smith
    Back Row: Vivian Cao, Forestine Jackson

Research Associates

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